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Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America, is a fictional character who appears in Marvel Comics and is one of the most prominent superheroes in the Avengers. Captain America was created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon in 1941, but it was actor Chris Evans who brought the character to life in the film series. If you like the character, you'll appreciate our brown Civil War jacket. The jacket was worn by Chris Evans in the 2014 Avengers film Civil War. The Captain America leather jacket has gotten a lot of attention since the movie trailer went viral because of its tough yet stylish appearance.

The replica Captain America Brown leather jacket is expertly made from genuine Napa leather and features a viscose inner lining and a hemline for added comfort. The Captain America jacket features a complete front zip closure and a snap-style collar for a fashionable design. When you leave the house, you can keep your essentials in two exterior zip pockets and two inside pockets. The zippered type cuffs on the sleeves go wonderfully with the jacket's design. Every aspect of the jacket, including the leather quality, zip quality, and hem style, is exactly as depicted in the photos.

The Civil War jacket is a must-have for casual wear or for persons who want to stand out wherever they go. Our Chris Evans leather jacket is constantly in high demand, so place your purchase as soon as possible. Civil War jackets come in a variety of sizes, so choose the one that best fits your needs. If you cannot find the jacket in your size, please contact us and we will custom build it for you to ensure a perfect fit.