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We have the top-picked collection of celebrity-inspired jacket designs plus we are known for our original designs on our jackets tailored with perfection and has pockets all over for your convenience.


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20 of 195 Items

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Whether it is your first date with your boyfriend or if it is a day out with your girls hanging out for a drink at the club, there is only one outfit that is going to help you look fresh all day long, which the Leather Jacket For Women. The leather jacket has a deep history attached to it. It stretches back to the early 1900s during the First World War when the Germans first introduced the leather flight jackets mainly known as the bomber jackets. The jackets were then copied by the US military in the Second World War. As time passed it was Harley – Davidson who hired an English raincoat maker Irvin Schott to design a jacket mainly for biking purposes. It was never too late for the jackets to be introduced to women and it was done in the early 1950s by Harley – Davidson, which was known as the ladies' companion jacket.

At Celebs Leather Jackets, we have the top-picked collection of celebrity-inspired jacket designs plus we are known for our original designs on our jackets tailored with perfection and has pockets all over for your convenience. We never store made jackets in our warehouses but we stock the finest quality raw material so that we can design and tailor apparel upon request and order of our clients so that we can maintain the freshness of our clothing. At our online store, you will find all kinds of unique and rare pieces of clothing listed here plus there is no other competitor that gives you the feature of shipping as we give you free shipping to all across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

On this page of Rare and Exclusive Jackets, you will find only the golden pieces of clothing related to celebrity fashion as you can tell by the name of our website. The page is comprised of apparel from some of the most favorite movies and tv shows like Sex Education featuring Maeve Wiley, Martha Hunt, Alexa Chung, Top Gun Jackets for Women, Star Wars featuring Ahsoka Tano, A Discovery Of Witches featuring Malin Buska, Nicole Scherzinger, Rihanna, Total Recall featuring Jessica Biel, Once Upon a Time featuring Jennifer Morrison, Gossip Girl featuring Blake Lively, Dark Angel featuring Jessica Alba, Firefly featuring Gina Torres, Kristen Stewart, Transformers featuring Megan Fox, Michelle Rodriguez, CSI featuring Catherine Willows, Emma Watson, Demi Lovato, Susanna Ried, Jennifer Lopez, Younger featuring Hilary Duff, Battlestar Galactica featuring Lucy Lawless, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, plus Jennifer Aniston.

Other than this, we also have the collection from your favorite superhero franchise, The Marvel Comics and DC Universe. The Collection is comprised of Batman Arkham Knight featuring The Batgirl, Suicide Squad featuring Harley Quinn, Civil War featuring Scarlet Witch, Avengers Age of Ultron featuring Scarlet Witch, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Avengers Age of Ultron featuring Black Widow, Captain America the First Avenger featuring Peggy Carter and many more. All of our pieces are made with real feelings and passion embedded into them just for our female customers as every female is beautiful in one or another way.

We make our clothing available for everyone in an affordable price range so that everyone can afford them easily as every woman deserves to look beautiful and feel beautiful at the same time which is going to be done when you purchase and wear apparel from the best online jacket store. We offer multiple safe and secure payment options at check out so you no longer have to worry about making payments online and about your personal information. Do not forget to leave feedback through the feedback form once you are done wearing the apparel, as we love to read your honest opinion about our products so that we can improvise if we lack in any aspect.