How to Dress Like Mission Impossible's Ethan Hunt

How to Dress Like Mission Impossible's Ethan Hunt

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When you think of cinematic leading men known for their style and heroics, few are as impressive as Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt. The character, played by Tom Cruise, has been one of film history’s most recognizable action figures since the franchise’s first film premiered in 1996. Apart from high-octane stunt sequences, Cruise’s character has found success thanks to his curated outfits that exude equal parts mystery and adrenaline.

Fortunately for Mission Impossible fans, the franchise shows no signs of slowing down. According to reports, the eighth installment in the series is set to release in 2025. Called Dead Reckoning Part Two, some audiences are already speculating what fashion and action they can expect from Ethan Hunt. In anticipation of this, we’ve put together a quick guide on how you can dress like this international spy.


Since the earlier films, Ethan has consistently sported eyewear that echoes his character's sporty and sleek vibe. Among the different pairs he wears, some of the most iconic comes from the renowned brand Oakley, known for its innovative performance gear. In the second Mission Impossible flick, Ethan famously receives his cliff-side briefing via a pair of modified Oakley Romeos. More recently, in the 2023 installment, Oakley provided a specially made pair of goggles. Called the ECLP23, this one-of-a-kind pair was designed specifically for Cruise and the stunt.

While the aforementioned goggles may not be on sale to the public, you can personalize your own Oakley sunglasses to give off a similar look. Via the brand’s custom sunglasses service, you can choose between various frames, straps, and lenses. If you want your pair to look similar to Ethan’s latest eyewear, you can opt for the Line Miner goggles and color-enhancing Prizm lenses, which you can customize in your choice of tint and finishes. Should you be a daredevil yourself, you’ll be pleased to know these glasses are also built to be lightweight yet impact- and slip-resistant using materials like O-Matter and Unobtanium.


As we mentioned in our previous post on outfits from the Fast X film, how you dress can increase your self-confidence. This may be why Ethan is always seen dressed in sharp suits or masterfully crafted performance wear. After all, you need to believe in yourself if you’re going to be saving the world. Of all his outfits, though, Ethan’s leather jackets are among the most versatile. In 2018’s Fallout, the secret agent was shown in a death-defying motorcycle chase wearing a Hugo Boss leather jacket.

If you want to look sleek and ready for anything, getting yourself a leather jacket is the first step. Ethan’s own jacket features a biker cut, which means it has a straight cut and collar that can be buttoned across the neck. With this in mind, you may want to check out our Mission Impossible-inspired leather jacket at Celeb Leather Jackets. Based on one Ethan wore in the fifth film, Ghost Protocol, this product is made with a turn-down style collar, branded zipper front closure, and zipper cuffs. Pockets both inside and outside the jacket also ensure that you have enough room to bring all your gadgets and gear.


Considering that Ethan scales buildings, jumps on planes, and dashes across rooftops, his footwear needs to keep up. Although no specific brands have been highlighted in the films, keen-eyed viewers have noticed he prefers laid-back lace-up boots. While not as bulky as combat boots, this take offers enough durability, flexibility, and support. Additionally, because they have a slimmer finish, the boots can easily be paired with more dressed-up looks should Ethan need a clandestine outfit change.

For the average individual, you can enjoy the same adaptability and high-quality make with a pair like those from Bruno Marc. Made to withstand daily wear and tear, these ankle-high shoes can easily take you from day to night, no matter what’s on your Ethan Hunt-inspired agenda. In terms of shoe material, you can choose between suede and leather, as these are also two textiles that Ethan seems to favor based on his outfits. While suede may be more “casual,” it comes in a wide range of colors to satisfy your own preferences. On the other hand, if you want to look extra dapper, you can stick with a classic black leather pair, which can match virtually any wardrobe or occasion. Either way, just make sure you choose a pair that hugs your feet well and doesn’t constrict the movement in your ankle.

Although Ethan Hunt admirers may have to wait a little longer before he returns to the Big Screen, it’s never too early to start emulating his style. With a few savvy sartorial choices, anyone can be as slick and action-ready as the unstoppable super spy. For more articles like this on celebrity and cinematic style, check out the rest of our blog.

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