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Collection Of Movies Jackets For Women

The history of leather jackets stretches back to the early 1900s when the German fighter pilots started wearing jackets in the 1st world war during their flights, these jackets were literally known as bomber jackets. The jackets were used to keep the pilots from harsh conditions at high altitudes. Later in the 2nd world war, the US aviation pilots were seen wearing bomber jackets. The jackets were mainly associated with military personalities until Harley – Davidson Company had an idea to introduce an outer covering for the bikers to have an efficient biking experience. They hired an English raincoat maker in 1928 to design the jackets that were known as the biker jackets, but it was never too late to design a jacket for women and once again it was Harley – Davidson who had a leather jacket made for a queen in 1954 and named it as the Ladies Companion Jacket. At Celebs Leather Jackets we specialize in making Celebrity inspired leather jackets for women, picked from your favorite movies and tv shows.

At Celebs Leather Jackets, we have decided to dedicate a separate webpage about famous movie jackets for women. We have some of the best and the top-picked jackets from some of the blockbuster movies and tv series, plus we have the original designs and quality that you see in the movie or the tv series. We strive to give our customers a pleasant shopping experience while shopping on our highly user-friendly website plus we only use the finest quality material to manufacture our products so that the customers can be satisfied as customer satisfaction is our priority. We make our products available at an affordable price range so that everyone can easily afford them, as we believe that fashion is for everyone.

The page for Women’s Movie Jackets is comprised of the latest jackets and coats from new and upcoming movies like Emily In Paris featuring Lily Collins’s pink long coat, Star Wars featuring Ahsoka Tano’s jacket, Star Wars featuring Darth Wader’s costume jacket, Emma Watson’s black leather jacket, His Dark Materials featuring Lyra Belacqua’s hooded coat, Jennifer Lawrence’s leather coat, Cameron Diaz’s street fashion wool trench coat, Yellowstone featuring Beth Dutton’s wool coat, Sex Education featuring Maeve Wiley’s fringe jacket, Camila Mendes’s stylish leather jacket, Camila Cabello’s brown leather trench coat, Lauren Pope’s black leather coat, Fifty Shades Of Grey featuring Dakota Johnson’s leather jacket, Zombieland featuring Emma Stone’s leather jacket, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles featuring Megan Fox’s yellow leather jacket, Fast and Furious featuring Letty Ortiz’s jacket, San Andreas featuring Alexandra Daddario’s jacket, Fast and Furious featuring Gal Gadot’s leather jacket, Transformers featuring Megan Fox’s leather jacket, The Witcher featuring Yennefer of Vengerberg’s black vest, La La Land featuring Emma Stone’s red leather jacket, and Wanted featuring Angelina Jolie’s black leather jacket.

Other than this we also have superhero jackets and coats from some of the top movie producers like the Marvel and DC collection’s Civil War featuring Scarlet Witch’s red leather coat, Age of Ultron featuring Scarlet Witch’s red leather jacket, Age of Ultron featuring Black Widow’s jacket, Deadpool featuring Brianna Hildebrand’s leather coat, Deadpool featuring Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s jacket, Wonder Woman’s cosplay leather jacket, Suicide Squad featuring Harley Quinn’s bomber jacket, Captain America The Winter Soldier featuring Scarlett Johansson’s jacket, Wonder Woman’s leather costume, First Avenger featuring Peggy Carter’s brown leather jacket, Batgirl’s costume, The Amazing Spider-Man featuring Emma Stone’s NYC leather jacket and many more.